Raymond Douglas Melanson

~~Doug Melanson started his life on November 15, 1961 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; he left for Alkaid from Halifax, Nova Scotia at 11:11 pm on July 28, 2017. He is now watching over his husband, Glenn Baker and his daughter, Alex Melanson, from his place amongst the stars.
For his last Father’s day on Earth, his daughter sent him a card that he treasured dearly. It was a card that he shared with a trusted few, a card that brought tears to his eyes, and a card that he was proud of.
This is what it said:
Why I am proud of you Dad
I am proud of you because you care about others.
You go out of your way to give to your community.
I’ve seen you do it in countless ways over the years;
Whether through donations to local sports teams, holding breakfast fundraisers at the bar or volunteering at the corner thrift shop.
I am proud of you because you respect people.
I have watched you make genuine small talk with the bank teller, help a man in a wheel chair at the dog park, and feed a hungry man walking past Mollyz.
I have seen such countless examples of your kind heart.
I am proud of you because you have worked so hard to achieve your goals and dreams in life.
You have created a home for yourself in several of our country’s provinces, built successful businesses and have travelled to Europe and back.
I am proud of you because you are independent and resourceful; because you’ve learned the necessary skills to succeed at life – how to create businesses from scratch, cook delicious and beautiful meals, and how to pick up a paintbrush or a power tool and get yours hands dirty.
I am proud of you because you are true to who you are.
Although the journey hasn’t always been easy, you have lived your life as a gay, married man.
I have witnessed you unashamedly tell someone that Glenn is your husband and not your brother, get the Prime Minister to give you a bear hug, and block Gottingen street in the face of violent discrimination.
These are honourable actions.
I am proud of you because you show your love.
You do not just say the words and then stand idle.
Your compassion, thoughtfulness and generosity touched countless people – from strangers, to friends and to family.
You know how important the little things are, you believe in them, and you have spent your life sharing them.
I am proud of you for all of these things;
But most importantly, I am proud of you because you are my Dad.
You have modeled so many virtues to me over my life, whether intentionally or not.
I have had the privilege of learning from you what it means to be a good person.
Not everyone gets that and I am very aware of this gift God has given me in giving me you.
I love you Dad – For all that you’ve taught me, for the love that you’ve given, and for my future that would not be possible without you.
I owe it all to you.
I love you a bushel and a peck and a whole lot more and twice as much on Sundays, your daughter, for now and always,
Doug’s Celebration of Life will be held at MenzBar located at 2182 Gottingen Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 7 to 10 pm on Thursday, August 3, 2017.
Bring your love, and happy memories of Doug.
Light Refreshments will be served.