"Service with compassion for our families at their time of need, is the heart of our approach 24/7 "  
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Our Services

Thank you for visiting us online. Our commitment to serve you better transcends to our facilities of our Funeral Home (Coldbrook) & Chapels: New Ross Funeral Chapel and Digby County Funeral Chapel. Also, our Crematory in Port Williams, Nova Scotia.
We strive to make families and visitors feel comfortable, while paying their respects to their loved ones and make considerable effort to maintain our service to the highest standards, which is expected in a place of tribute. We are proud to be part of one of our area's community cornerstones serving the Annapolis Valley for more than 77 years. We live and take pride in our motto when serving our communities greatest needs: " Service with compassion for our families at their time of need, is the heart of our approach 24/7"... whether your loved one is a stranger to our facilities or one of our immediate, we serve everyone as though we have loved them and known them all our lives.
With today's ever changing traditions, a final farewell is based on family preference.  We understand and appreciate that no two families are the same, thus we are open to new ways in honoring a farewell.  Some may choose a full traditional service in a church with casket and burial or, the traditional casket burial with no service, a cremation with or without a memorial church service, no service at all, or the latest trend of a celebration of life with the casket or urn present.  Regardless of the type of farewell chosen, we will make it an honorable experience for your loved one.

We, the Serenity Team, strive to meet and exceed your expectations and are honored to do so.  "Thank you for entrusting your loved one to us at Serenity, with loving hugs and cherished wishes today and always"                                                                                                                                                                                                               

​ From our  Caring and Compassionate  Serenity Team